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Patriots overtime coin toss call

Why the smartest man in football made the dumbest decision

Jets Twitter account trolls Patriots over OT coin toss gaffe

Dec 27, 2015 New England Patriots Pro Bowl specialteams player Matthew Slater made a questionable choice when he went out for the overtime coin tossnbspDec 27, 2015.

Patriots win Super Bowl over Falcons, 34-28, in OT with

A look at the Patriots controversial decision to kick off after winning the overtime coin toss.

Belichick explains Super Bowl trick-play call |

Brady leads biggest comeback, Patriots win 34-28 in OT

Patriots Blow Coin Toss And Lose To Jets In Overtime

New England Patriots screw up overtime coin toss (Video)

Cardinals vs. Packers Coin Toss Controversy: What Exactly

Bill Belichick defends overtime decision. to kick off after winning the coin toss in overtime. which direction the Patriots wanted to play in overtime.

HOUSTON — Congratulations to the New England Patriots. But they at least deserved to touch the ball once in overtime after an ill-fated coin flip.

Packers Coin Toss Controversy: What Exactly Happened Before Overtime Game.

The Patriots won the coin toss. overtime. The Patriots. call on Rob.When regulation was over and the teams were knotted up 20-20, the Patriots got to call the overtime coin toss.

What happens in overtime in the Super Bowl? - The

Coin toss madness gifts Jets unbelievable OT win over Pats

After the New England Patriots won the coin toss to start overtime against the Denver Broncos, there was confusion on the field among the Patriots player.

Belichick explains Super Bowl trick-play call. the Patriots won the overtime coin toss and James White scored the game-winning touchdown the traditional way.On Monday, on a conference call with New England reporters, Bill Belichick continued to face several questions about the coin toss before deciding he had.

Bill Belichick On OT Coin Flip Fuss: ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

The captain of the visiting team will call the toss prior to the coin being.

The Patriots won the coin toss in overtime and. the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime of Super Bowl 51.

Patriots’ coin toss decision brings back memories of 1962

It was only the 13th time in NFL history 1 that a coach had won the overtime toss.

Patriots Elect to Kick in Overtime, Lose to Jets in

The Patriots get confused during the overtime cointoss against the Jets in Week 16.In a thrilling comeback, the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in the first overtime game in Super Bowl history.An unusual exchange between Patriots captain Matthew Slater and referee Clete Blakeman during the overtime coin toss left New England kicking off to start the extra.

Patriots WR Slater Chooses To Kick During OT Coin Toss

Winning the coin toss no longer usually leads to receiving the opening kickoff.

Matthew Slater was at the overtime coin toss when the following exchange took place. Heads is the call.Folk drilled the second kick for a 30-27 overtime win for the Jets over the Patriots.With a record fifth Super Bowl win, Brady cements his legacy as.

NFL on Packers-Cardinals coin toss flap: Ref didn't need

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